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Whether you're 8 or 88, we know that interacting with the characters you love can make any occasion all the more memorable for you and the ones you celebrate with. Just A Little Magic Princess Events wants to help you make your next event even more special, whether it's a birthday party, promotional event, festival, school or church function, or something else coming up on your calendar. 


Just A Little Magic Princess Events was founded on an idea of creating unforgettable party experiences at affordable prices. Our performers arrive in high quality costumes and makeup, and are well-trained to interact with your guests immersed in their character's personality.


We are passionate about providing more than just character portrayals. We want to give your guests an engaging experience that will stick with them for years to come, so many of our party packages include activities, games, special gifts, and extras to curate an even more personalized event experience at any budget.

Meet The Team


Justine Droke

Owner/Founder, Senior Performer

My name is Justine and I am the Owner and Founder of Just A Little Magic Princess Events. I have an Associates degree in early childhood education,  have worked in childcare, have a theatre background, have 10 years of dance experience and have 16 years of customer service experience. I am very passionate about my business and I love making childrens' dreams come true! 


Theresa Zomok

Vice President, Senior Performer

My name is Theresa and I am the Vice President and a senior performer. I am Justine's partner-in-crime and help her out however I can, including creating some of our wardrobe elements and looking for ways we can grow. I am a veteran and currently work in customer service, enjoy singing opera, and have always adored kids, so seeing their faces light up at parties is the best feeling in the world to me. 


Amanda Mitrani

Marketing Director, Senior Performer

I'm Amanda, the Marketing Director and a senior performer. I work as a graphic designer and media specialist during the day, but making and dressing up in costumes is my passion! I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing and use many of my skills in photo and video, graphic design, writing, and social media to help us reach new heights and hearts in the community. In my free time, I enjoy candle-making, photography, kayaking, and volunteering with children and animals. I love to see others smile, and dressing up as people's favorite characters is my favorite way to bring joy to people of all ages.


Dylan Patrissi


I'm Dylan, our go-to spider-tastic performer. I'm usually found wearing the classic red suit and mask, sometimes even at my job at a Lee County school! I love to read, write, draw, game, and play music, and have always been a nerd at heart. I want to give all the little comic book fans of the future an amazing experience with their favorite superhero, and I'm looking forward to having new costumes to wear for the kids.


Adrianna Fjelsted

Face Painter, Perfomer

I'm Adrianna and I'm a face painter and performer! I went to school for medical assistance and have CPR and First Aid experience, and have enjoyed painting as both a hobby and as an instructor. I've been painting faces for 4 years, and I love making magical memories for children in any way I can. It's great to know that my my painting skills surpass the expectations many people have for a party face painter, and that it helps make the party experience more unforgettable for them.


Beth Garner

Performer in Training

Hi there, I'm Beth and I'm a performer! I am an aspiring entertainer and cosplayer with many years of experience working in theater. I have many years of experience working with kids in many different programs by being a Sunday school teacher, running summer camps, and teaching dance classes. In my spare time I enjoy being creative in many ways such as painting and working with clay. Entertaining and working with kids has always been a passion of mine, and it makes me glad I found the rest of the magical team so I can do what I love.


Peyton Lunsford

Performer in Training

Hello, my name is Peyton, one of our newer performers. I'm currently a student at FGCU studying environmental science, and enjoy studying history, reading fiction books, gaming, playing music, and playing Dungeons & Dragons in my spare time. I have experience working with kids through both Boy Scouts and Taekwondo summer camp program. I have always enjoyed making and wearing costumes, and being able to do that while entertaining people is a dream come true.


Gabi Gonzalez

Performer in Training

Hi I'm Gabi, I am a brand new performer! I graduated from FGCU in Computer Information Systems and currently work for a large company based on Fort Myers. I've always liked getting to dress up, so making it a bigger part of my life is so exciting. I like to go to the beach and spend quality time with my friends with food food and fun travels, and always am trying to make others around me smile. I look forward to entertaining kids as their favorite characters.

Please note: Just A Little Magic Princess Events characters are NOT the copyrighted, licensed or trademarked ones you may know or be familiar with. Our characters are representations of beloved classic fairytales. We have NO affiliation with any company or group that my own rights to similar characters or stories and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Just A Little Magic Princess Events

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