Let's Get Down To Business

With a little luck and a little magic, every member of our staff was able to make it to the Cosplay Parade on Saturday, with the rain stopping just in time for the fun!

Our new and returning performers were able to get their feet wet with all of our seasoned performers right at their side to serve as an example. Needless to say, they did great and they looked awesome, as you can see from our new team photo on the homepage!

While the event was an amazing first experience for them, Just A Little Magic still takes the time to thoroughly prepare each new performer with personalized training in a public space. These individualized training sessions act as a crash course that goes over the in's and out's of being a performer like getting ready, staying in character, and maintaining the standards we expect from our team.

We have high hopes for our new performers and expect their training sessions to go as smoothly as the parade did, so they should be cleared to attend parties very soon. They look forward to meeting you!

Get to know a little about our new performers and the rest of our team on the About Us page.

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