One of our lovely mermaids will come for a visit to your party to interact and take photos with your guests. The character will read a storybook, do a sing-a-long with the children, have swim time, and get everyone involved in games and activities meant for land, meant for sea, or meant for both!**


Special Swimming Mermaid Games & Activities:

Pool Only Games and Activities:

  • Mermaid Freeze Swim

  • Trinket Dive

  • Swimming Through Hoops

    Land & Sea Games and Activities:

  • Minnow, Minnow, Mermaid (Duck, Duck Goose)

  • Red Fish, Green Fish (Red Light Green Light)

  • Seahorse Says

    Poolside Only Games and Activities:

  • Mermaid Treasure Box (Mermaid guessing game)

  • Popping Bubbles

  • Where is Flounder

  • Mermaid Training (for kids with mermaid tails)


Birthdays Only: Child receives a mermaid crown and a "Mermaid For A Day" certificate and the character sings Happy Birthday with the cake.


Please be advised that, for the safety of the children (as well as the performer), we MUST have a parent in the pool at ALL times with the swimming mermaid. The parent must be prepared to assist.


**Every child and every party is different, so activities will be as time permits. Below are basic estimates of what the typical party allows for given their duration:


1 Hour - 2-3 Activities/Games

2 Hours - 2-3 Activities/Games, 1 Craft

Swimming Mermaid Package

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    We will contact you via email or phone call following your request to discuss your party details, exchange payment, and confirm your booking.

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